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Buy Caustic Soda Pearl Online

Caustic Soda Pearl

Firstly, also known as sodium hydroxide or sodium hydrate, they are small, spherical solids with a barely perceptible odour. Soluble in water, and capable of exothermic reactions, it lends itself for use across a large number of applications. Buy Caustic Soda Pearl Online

Secondly, Predominantly used in the paper and pulp industry, caustic soda pearl is also a major component in soap and cleaning products including drain treatments, degreasing agents and oven cleaners.

Thirdly, Other areas of use include paints and surface treatments, aluminum production, fuel production and refinery, and is found in a variety of solvents, adhesives and dyes.

Fourthly, It is also widely used in the agricultural market, and we have a long history of supplying this product for grain treatment and the production of soda grain. Treating grain with caustic soda pearl is a simple, effective means of processing grain for cattle feed. Caustic grain (soda grain) is an alkaline feed stock which is slowly digested in the rumen and aids in promoting stable rumen conditions essential for efficient feed utilisation.

Characters: Physical and Chemical Properties:
Semi-transparent white pearls Firstly, Appearance: Pearl
Molecula Formula: NaOH Secondly, Purity: 99%
CAS No:1310-73-2 Thirdly, Boiling point: 1390 °c
Purity: 99% Also, Melting point: 318.4 °c
Appearance: Pearl Furthermore, Density: 2.13g/cm3
In Conclusion, Packaging: 25kgs plastic woven bags double lined with polythene bags, inside with plastic coating